Do you have yellow faded headlights?

If you do we can restore them for you at a fraction of the replacement cost.


Headlights are functional, they light up the road ahead to ensure safe night driving. They are also a design feature that is one of the first things a potential buyer sees on a car.

Headlights used to be made from glass and were round or rectangle but for the past 25 years they have been made from injection moulded plastics or polycarbonate that can easily be moulded into almost any shape. To protect the surface from crazing, yellowing and fading, manufacturers apply a clear protective coating and bake it on, but that one lasts for so long before it breaks down. The problem is that plastic and factory coatings degrade when exposed to UV rays in the harsh Australian climate.


So if your headlights are yellow and you;

  • Want to lift the appearance of your car?

  • Are thinking of selling your car but it has a faded yellow film on the headlights?

  • Need to make your lights legal to pass a roadworthy certificate?

  • want to keep your family safe by being able to use your lights at night, restored to 100% of their potential light output?

  • Need to replace your headlights or have them restored?


That's where we come in!


We will do a professional restoration at a small percentage of the cost of headlight replacement.

To restore headlights, it's necessary to remove the degraded yellow factory applied protective coating.


We do that with a 6 step process. Then the final step is to apply a high quality inhibitor to seal the plastic and keep it looking new.


The average price to have 2 headlights restored is around $165 so contact us today to make a booking.

We're mobile, so we come to you. All we need is your car for an hour, a hose, access to power and somewhere flat to do the job.

Contact us today for a quote and to make a booking!